School Parliament

As part of our values we want our children to be responsible, cooperative and empathetic. To support this we are proud to have our very own School Parliament.  This is an opportunity to hear the views of all pupils through a democratic process. The Parliament plays an important role in the life of the School providing a forum for:  pupil voice, the opportunity to learn skills in speaking and listening, democracy at work, team work, enterprise, and pupil involvement in school improvement and sustainability.

Each class in Years 1-5 votes for its Class Councillor. The Councillors are responsible for collecting the views and issues raised in their classes.  In Year 6, instead of Councillors, each class has two MPs (Members of Parliament) who lead the School Parliament meetings.

The school parliament meet fortnightly with their lead teacher. The MPs (Year 6) meet with the Head of School termly to discuss issues.

A special ‘Polling Day’ takes place to vote for the Year 6 MPs in September .  Pupils visit the school hall to vote on ballot papers which they put into a ballot box.  Pupils vote in a booth, on a ballot paper, for who they want as their MPs.