We have transformed play times for all of our pupils with the help of the OPAL project.

Before the project pupils said :-

  • You don’t get to play on the grass unless it is the summer/dry
  • There are not enough places to sit
  • There is nothing/not enough things to do
  • The outdoors is dull and grey

We spend a lot of time outdoors and we wanted the time to be used to develop wider curriculum skills such as resilience, perseverance, team work, collaboration, imagination and overall enjoyment.

Working with OPAL we assessed our play offer, which we are constantly trying to improve. We have seen a huge impact due to the hard work and commitment of the staff, pupils, parents and wider community groups who have supported us with equipment and fundraising. Behaviour in school is much better and behaviour on the yard is amazing.  No-one wants to miss out on time outside as it is such an amazing place to be (in all weathers).