Information for Parents and Carers

The internet can be a place for children and young people to learn, spend time with friends, and have fun. It’s an everyday part of childhood. But the internet wasn’t invented with children in mind. As a parent or carer, it’s natural to wonder how to keep your child safe.

  • Prioritise safety. Teach children not to give out personal information. This includes their name, address, and telephone number. Other details about their life can give away more information than they might think. Children should avoid posting which school they go to or uploading pictures of them in their uniform.
  • Set parental controls. Work together with your child to agree a list of websites they can visit. Remember to check the minimum age limit on services like Facebook, TikTok and YouTube. Most social media channels have an age limit of 13. You can find guidance for the most popular websites and apps.
  • Discuss their activity. Take an interest in their online world. Talk to them about their favourite websites, videos, and their online friends. This will keep communication open between you and your child.
  • Set boundaries. Establish time limits for activities such as using the internet and gaming. Make sure to set aside time for ‘unplugged’ family activities.
  • Be open. Let them know that they can tell you about anything that happens on the internet. Try to listen without judgement or anger. With older children, explain your worries so they can see the reasoning behind any rules you set.



Operation Encompass

Our school is part of Operation Encompass.

Operation Encompass is a national police and education early intervention safeguarding partnership which supports children and young people who experience Domestic Violence and Abuse. This is in place in every police force in England and Wales.

Children were recognised as victims of domestic abuse in their own right in the 2021 Domestic Abuse Act.

Operation Encompass means that the police will share information with our school about all police attended Domestic Abuse incidents which involve any of our children PRIOR to the start of the next school day.

The Operation Encompass information is stored in line with all other confidential safeguarding and child protection information.

As a staff we have discussed how we can support our children who are experiencing Domestic Violence and Abuse on a day-to-day basis and particularly following the Operation Encompass notification. 

The Safeguarding Governor will report on Operation Encompass in the termly report to Governors. All information is anonymised for these reports.

Our aim is to ensure that children who have experienced a domestic incident are well supported in school, and that we also support the family where appropriate.